Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 29: Five Weird Things You Like

30-Day Blog Challenge

Weird is so subjective.  One man's weirdness is another man's normal.  I had to ask my husband for help on this one.

1) Mushrooms - Apparently, according to Charles, this is a weird thing to like to eat. I like to saute my fungi in grapeseed oil with cilantro and a bit of salt and pepper.

2) Internal Cleanses - We just came off of an Acai Berry 10-Day Cleanse, and for me it was fantastic. Is it weird that I want to do it again, and again, and again? I'm just sayin'... it works. I feel light inside.

3) Looking at my Pores - Almost every night, I look at the pores on my nose in the mirror.  They are so huge to me. On an oddly related note, I rubbed the seed of a fresh mango on my face, left it on for a few minutes, and then wiped it off with a warm cloth.  It did amazing things for my skin!

4) Rummaging - There is something incredibly satisfying to me about going into antique stores, thrift shops, consignment shops, and places like TJMaxx, Marshall's, and Ross.  I like the hunt.  I get so bored in traditional department stores (unless I'm rummaging through a clearance rack).  Perhaps this is a more a function of me wanting to find the deals.

5) Bees - We have hostas blooming like crazy in our front yard, and these huge bumblebees come out everyday (where do they come from!) to collect from the pretty bell-shaped, pale purple flowers.  I like to watch the bees.  Sometimes I just go outside and stare at them as they collect pollen or do whatever bees do.

Go for yours, little bee!

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