Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tobago Trip: It's Bush Time, Baby

Shepherd chic might be hitting the runways this spring.  Here's some background info on this video, which you simply do not want to miss:

Our host, Dave's brother Phil, was bringing us fruit constantly from "the bush." All of us wanted to see what it looked like "down there" so we asked to go.  None of us, except for Phil, had the appropriate footwear.  So we descended down this fairly soft and wet hill in our sneakers dressed in whatever we could find to cover our bodies appropriately from the elements--bugs, sticky things, thorny brush, etc.  It was steamy hot down there and incredibly steep, so much so that we had to climb up in a horizontal pattern, zig-zagging our way back to the top of the hill.

We all *needed* those walking sticks for support both up and down that hill.  By my estimate, it took us about 10-15 minutes to descend, and about 20-25 to come back up. I am so glad Charles and I worked out on hills before this trip!

I still have more raw footage from this trip, so The Tobago Trip videos continue.  I'm an editing monster, grrr...

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