Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grease: Twist out results

I had no idea my new tub of grease was such a vintage staple. Though my first introduction to Three Flowers Brilliantine happened yesterday by chance at Wal-Mart, apparently it's an old-faithful product line with nearly a hundred years on shelves internationally, particularly in Hispanic/Latino communities:

Three Flowers was launched in 1915 by the American perfumer, Richard Hudnut.  Three Flowers was also known as Tres Flores in Spanish speaking countries.

Three Flowers was a complete line of toiletries and by 1964 the fragrance was available in perfume, cologne, brilliantine in both liquid and solid, after bath dusting powder, face powder, talcum powder, cream hair dressing and conditioner, cleansing cold cream, vanishing cream, tissue cream, lipstick, rouge, and cream. (Source website)

My results from the first grease twist out were good, as you can see on the video. I still get better twist-out definition from Curls by Sisters Smith Curly Pudding, but the softness of using grease as a sealant -- this is what makes it a winner for me. Plus, I don't care as much as I used to about curl definition. Explode that curl, sculpt your hair!

Some say grease isn't recommended for fine hair, but I think it depends on what kind of grease you get, how you use it, and the viscosity and weight of it. TFB is light-weight and slick, and a little goes quite a long way. Another thing I noticed while putting the twists in (on lightly misted damp hair, of course) was how the tangles I did have just melted away in my fingertips. Wow, now I can see why Mom used it so consistently.

*Hanging my head in shame* I have officially unlearned my lesson, the one I picked up from years of looking at hair blogs, fotkis, and YTubers. I thought the best approach for me to take was avoiding the stuff I used when my hair was relaxed, and even the stuff my sweet mom used on my hair when I was a kid, but I admit I was incorrect. Petrolatum is not the devil. But there is a right way and a wrong way to apply it.

Here's an article about how to use grease, some videos by someone who tested it in her hair for a month, and (just in case you've been under the rock with me, lol) CurlyNikki's post about her new-found admiration for it.

For those of you who knew about this grease thing all along, thank you for gracefully holding back your "I told you so, you fancy-pants newbie natural!" I still don't think I'll ever go back to the Pink Lotion, but I also never thought I would use grease, so... ?

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