Friday, December 17, 2010

My Cherry Lola Re-Do

I'm a huge fan of simple recipes, so when I first heard about Cherry Lola on NaturallyCurly's 4a message board (which BTW is a great board particularly for new naturals), I knew I had to give it a shot.  I guess I would call the "Cherry Lola Treatment" a conditioner.  She has a great breakdown on her site of the properties of amino acids which is worth a look.  After seeing her results -- and acknowledging that her texture is different from mine -- I just wanted to see what it would do to my hair.

I tried this back in Winter/Spring '09 after I chopped off my locs to go free-form.  I took pics but lost them (pooh!). I think my hair was about 7-8 inches stretched at the time.  The treatment softened my hair AND loosened my curls temporarily.  Please note -- my goal is not to change my hair texture.  I'm quite fond of it as is.  But, I do have some issues with frizz and like to experiment with how to lessen it a bit.

Anyway, fast-forwarding to today, I cut my hair to TWA in August 09 and kept it short for several months.    Now, in Dec '10, it's around 6-7 inches long.  

My Issues:  winter dryness, frizziness

2 parts Organic Yogurt
1/2 part baking soda
1/2 part amino acids

I bought a

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