Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mini CVS Haul, Quick Updo, & Happy Labor Day

I tossed out my dear 'ol Denman D4 brush this week. After four years, it started to tear at the cushion base where the bristles emerge. I think I paid $10 for it on Amazon. Despite the breakdown, I'm still a fan. It worked well for me when de-tangling soaking wet hair loaded with a good slippery conditioner. I don't notice much shedding or breakage when I use it. In fact, I notice more hair in my wide tooth comb than in my Denman on wash days... perhaps I need a different comb!

Conair Styling Brush - Detangle & Style
I've seen a lot of chatter on message boards over the years about the "Denman knock-off" brush, which is Conair's version sold (exclusively?) at CVS. I looked at Target, Walmart, and Walgreen's. CVS was the only place I could find this brush. If you've seen it at other places, please let me know.

At $3.79, it's easily less expensive than the Denman, and it appears to cost less in-store than at Like the Denman, it has nine rows of bristles. The cushion base looks almost exactly like the Denman, but the brush handle seems shorter.
I haven't used it yet for de-tangling or styling, but will let you know how it compares in a future post.

Scunci Headbands & Ouchless Bands
I also picked up a few hair accessories. This pack of headbands isn't really made for holding the hair back... well at least not my hair. In fact, while writing this post I put one just above my hairline over my blow-out fro, and it snapped. *Sigh* But it was only $3.99 for the whole package.

My real goal is to incorporate these as an add-on for color and interest, not function, while trying the styles shown in the following Naptural85 video:

Thursday's quick updo
Quick and easy updo
To keep the hair off my neck while running errands, I did a very casual updo.  I did this on a two-day old twist out. Using four bobby pins, I took four sections of hair -- two from the side, and two at the nape of the neck -- and lightly rolled the sections up, then pinned them into place. I should have taken pics from the back but forgot. sigh...

That's all for now.

I pray you have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend, as we celebrate the contributions workers have made to America. I firmly believe we should understand the origins of the holidays we celebrate and not take the days in vain. I'm also thankful to God for having a job and having a paid day off. I know a lot of people have to work this weekend and Monday. To all of you who do - public or private sector - thanks for what you do! Do it to the glory of God.

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord. - 1 Corin 15:58

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