Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Homemade Mayo Deep Treatment/Detangler

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I first mentioned my fondness for mayonnaise in my hair in this post about a great twist-and-curl. It's been an ongoing experiment. Well, pull up your rocking chair and a sweet tea, and let me tell you what happened...

I did this mayo + honey + conditioner thing weekly for a month or so, then I took a break from it, though not really on purpose. I really didn't feel like doing a lot of stuff to my hair for two weeks while vacationing in Tobago. So I revisited this treatment yesterday, mostly because my hair seemed dry and brittle, so much that hubby noticed. So upon doing this treatment yesterday, even before shampooing, 'twas as if my fro sighed, smiled and whispered, "Thank you!"

The first thing I noticed after the mayo mix the softness. It was also easy to detangle and, again, little to no hair in the comb or on the shower floor. I figure my hair must have needed the protein. Since mayo is basically eggs and oil, I suppose it's chock full of what my hair needed. It also feels well moisturized and was quite shiny in twists and as a twist-out (I used shea butter for twists yesterday, but in the pics shown here I think I used Curls By Sisters Smith Curly Pudding).

Here's the recipe for a homemade mayo treatment:

- Small bowl
- Spoon (doesn't matter what kind)
- Mayo, full fat, generic or whatever
- Conditioner (I use Suave Coconut)
- Honey
- Shower cap
- Heating cap (optional)

1) In a small bowl, mix four heaping spoonfuls of mayo, two heaping spoonfuls of conditioner, and one spoonful of honey. Stir until blended well.
2) Apply to hair. It's not so important that it gets to your roots. Just make sure your hair is well covered. Massage it in. Use the whole bowlful. Whatever you don't use, personally, I would toss it out.
3) Cover your head with a shower cap and then either sit under a heating cap for at least 30 minutes, or just piddle around the house and let your body heat do the work for an hour or so.
4) Rinse out completely. Follow with a gentle shampoo or co-wash (to take away the scent of mayo). The result is soft, shiny, manageable hair... well, at least that's the result for me.

If you try this, or if you already do something similar to this, I'd love to hear about it. I'm curious about how this might work for locs too (Ames!).

a pic post-mayo

shiny post-mayo twist-out

Unrelated but fun news: because I don't just want to blog about myself, my first natural hair interview is coming soon with a lovely loc'ed sister! And I'm hoping to have another cool interview with a popular natural blogger in October. Thanks for reading and following.

Praise ye the Lord!

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