Thursday, June 30, 2011

Twist-n-Curl Results

My first "real" twist-n-curl (TnC)

There's a video in the works showing how I did my first twist-n-curl (TnC), but in the meantime, process and pics.

I was so pleased with the results of this, I will *definitely* do it again soon.  Here's the process:

1) Pre-Poo: I did 30 minutes under a heating cap of a homemade pre-poo treatment using mayo + honey + Suave coconut conditioner.  Can I tell you how much I am digging mayo right now?  Hellman's Mayo sales at Target are about to rise.  I actually detangled before I rinsed it out, because it gave such fantastic slip!

2) Wash: After the rinse, I shampoo'ed gently (basically, working the scalp only) with Organix Moroccan Oil Shampoo (purchased at ULTA). That stuff smells so good - exotic and lush.

3) Condition: I conditioned with Mill Creek Botanicals Biotin conditioner. I went through may hair again (while soaked with conditioner) using a wide tooth comb to ensure it was tangle-free, and this went well because I had detangled earlier.  I didn't see much breakage at all in the comb or shower, which is truly rare for me.  I did not leave any conditioner in my hair and I did the final rinse with cool water.  (I find that when I try to partially rinse out conditioner, the results are spotty -- I either leave too much in, or I pretty much wash it all out.)

4) Styling: On slightly wet hair, I then swiped on some leave-in (the Kimmaytube recipe).  Finally, I used Curls by Sisters Smith Curly Pudding to do roughly 40, medium-size twists.  I set my twists on soft sponge curlers wrapped in satin (which you can purchase in a package at Walmart), one to two twists per roller.  I then removed the twists and separated them only once.

Great definition and shine

The whole process took about 3 hours, from the mixing of the mayo pre-poo to untwisting the twists.  I didn't focus any attention on perfect parts, because I wanted it to look random.  Because of this, it took me only 45 minutes to do all the twists (didn't have to work with a comb or stare in the mirror).

The great thing about CBSS -- it acts as a setting lotion and dries rather quickly.  The feel of it in my hands is not my favorite, because it's slightly sticky, but something about their pudding results in amazing shine and definition. The end style is also not hard or stiff at all.

It came out looking sort of retro and like pin-curls (without pins).  I love it.  As far as 2nd day hair, I slept with no bonnet on a satin pillowcase.  The sides are a little smushed, but I expected this.

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