Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 19: Five Items You Lust (?) After


Ok. Lust is not an admirable verb, so I'm just going to squash it now. Let's re-write to say "Five Items You Would Like to Have." I am content right now with what I have, but I'll play along.  Going off the top of my dome on this one.

1) A brand spankin' new (or vintage) Corvette or Camaro. Ask my husband, and he will tell you. When I see one on the street, I say in my best husky voice, "Hello, baby. Come to mama."

2) Huetiful Hair Steamer w/Facial Attachment.  It's probably good I don't have one of these, because my husband would never stop shaking his head. I would be steaming and beaming all the live-long day.

3) To Appear on TLC's What Not To Wear.  I know.  This isn't really an item.  But do you know what I could do with $5,000 in NYC?  I would go off the grid and end up in Paramus, NJ.  Stacy and Clinton crack me up, and they give good advice about shape, color, pattern, etc.  I know some balk at the idea of spending that much on clothes and hate shopping, so if you're that person and you get invited to be on the show, SEND ME.

4) A lifetime supply of raw organic shea butter, because it's just that good.

5) A very large canvas. I'm talking about something about 10 x 15 feet.  There is a space in my living room crying for a very large piece of artwork.  I stare at it for about an hour, and then go crazy with painting.


Tia said...

I can help with #5 :)
Check out - I ordered a lot of art from that site for my house. They are affordable and have a great selection

Shones said...

Thank you for the tip, Tia! I see several art pieces I like on that site.