Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dry twist out

I'm due for a wash and deep conditioning treatment this weekend, but in the meantime I'm enjoying playing with my stretched, dirty (eep!) hair.  Last night while watching So You Think You Can Dance online, I twisted my hair using no product.  Since I loaded it up with shea butter the past couple days, I figured I could probably get away with using nothing.  It worked out pretty well when I took it down this morning -- resulting in a chunky, undefined fro, kinda like Maxwell's Now album cover.
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One thing I've learned about being natural is that even when the style doesn't turn out quite as planned, you can still own it confidently and enjoy your hair for what it is.  I am *soooo* not the expert on styling, but I do appreciate the flexibility my hair allows for many different looks -- everything from tightly-coiled and shrunken to stretched and completely blown-out.  Defined curls are nice, but I'm not going to fight my hair if the curls explode.

Just have fun with it.  :)

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Love it!