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Product Review: Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bars

Product:  Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bar
Company Site: - plenty of details and answers for just about any soap question you can imagine

Babassu & Marsh Mallow
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Ingredients:  They vary depending on what type of soap you choose, but according to the Ingredients page on their site the products "are made with natural plant oils and botanicals, which are absorbed into the skin naturally, creating healthy skin the way nature intended... There are four basic natural ingredients used in Chagrin Valley Handcrafted Soaps; base oils, natural additives, herbal infused oils, and pure botanical essential oils." For a complete breakdown of their ingredients, including the purpose and qualities of each ingredient, visit their site.

Prices: $7-8 for a full bar, $2-3 for a sample bar
Shipping:  Chagrin offers flat rate shipping.  My four (4) full size bars + two (2) sample bars came in flat rate envelope for $5.95.

I've purchased twice from Chagrin and the first time was about three years ago. The most difficult thing shopping with them is deciding which soap to buy. They have so many options, scents, ingredients, and the pictures just grab me (if I could eat soap, it would be on). I bought whole bars of Ayurvedic Herb, Honey Beer, Mud and Clay, and Babassu Marsh Mallow, and samples of Chocolate Orange Twist and Bananas and Cream. I gifted the Mud and Chocolate to Mom.

I tried the Ayurvedic. The scent is herbal, if that makes sense.  I like it, but then I tend to like somewhat exotic scents.  When using the soap, the trick is to cut a chunk off, as opposed to using the whole bar each time you wash your hair (bar melts faster if it's all wet).  I cut a small cube about the size of a quarter using scissors.  I wet my hair, wet the cube of soap a bit, and then ran it down the length of my hair (root to tip) until it started to lather.  Ohh, the lather!  It's rich and frothy.  I rinsed and repeated and the end result was squeaky clean AND soft hair, and my scalp was free of build-up.  I followed up with conditioner, moreso for detangling/slip than for replenishing moisture.  My Mom, who has a 4b TWA and is a faithful baking soda + water then ACV gal, tried the Mud bar this past weekend and *loves* it.  She said she didn't need to use conditioner at all afterward. Just a little styling product and she was done. Days later, she says it's still soft and shiny.

Would I buy it again?  Absolutely.  It does what I expect a shampoo to do -- cleans my hair and leaves my scalp feeling refreshed. Another huge plus is the detail they provide on their website.  From testimonials to product descriptions to FAQs, they seemed to have thought of everything, which makes the online ordering experience a lot more concrete (as opposed to sites where you might have to guess about things).

Here's a video one of my favorite vloggers (MsVCharles) did using a Chagrin Valley Bar.  

Note: Chagrin did not pay me or endorse me in any way for this review.  When I find a good thing, I like to share it.  :)

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Thanks for the review. I have been curious about those shampoo bars for a while now