Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easy DIY Bracelet Tutorial

I came across this detailed video tutorial by DearNaptural85's for making a simple bracelet.  Here's a link to her video, which I recommend even for the *ahem* craft- or DIY-challenged:

DIY: Boutique Fashion Bracelet Tutorial

and here's my video response of a bracelet I made yesterday!  Mine is styled differently, but this is what makes DIY so much fun.  You can select colors, textures, and beads to match your personal style, and it doesn't have to cost much at all.  I'm fairly new to making videos, so I appreciate views, comments, constructive criticism, etc.  :)  Thanks in advance for checking it out.


Anonymous said...

Shons! I enjoyed your video! Inasmuch as I love the bracelet I love the video and I strongly feel you're on to something!

T to the Med

Shones said...

@T to the Med -- Thank you! The sense of accomplishment we have when we make things is so wonderful, isn't it? I look forward to seeing you again, T!