Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Past Few Weeks in Pics

You know how people say "time flies when you're having fun?" 
I'm at warp speed again!

My past few weeks in pictures:

My hydrangeas are finally blooming. Apparently they are pink (vs. blue) because I don't have a lot of aluminum in my soil. Is this a good thing? If you have a green thumb, please tell me.

For Mother's Day weekend, my husband surprised me with a two-day trip to Charlotte to see Esperanza Spalding!  She and her band are FANTASTIC live in concert. We sat on the second row. Her level of talent astounds me -- and all from such a tiny package! I snapped a couple of pictures of her during her encore, but I think they're on my husband's phone. Note: No kids yet, but we still honor one another as mother and father to-be, as well as to honor our relationships with all the children whose lives we are blessed to be a part of at church, extended family, etc.

While in the Queen City, we visited the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, which is where you see the pic of that cool mirrored statue. There's plenty of art to see and touch downtown. After the museum run, we went to Mert's Heart & Soul for lunch. You can check out my review on Yelp.

My godson, P, decided he wanted to be baptized, so I drove out to see him and his family. Praise the Lord! 

We're still juicing almost every day about a month after seeing Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. If you haven't seen that movie yet, please go watch it on Hulu or Netflix. The accounts of the two men featured in the documentary -- and in particular, Phil's turnaround! -- was mind-blowing. See that little heart shaped apple? Happened by chance as I was cutting up fruit for fresh juice.

My friend and sister-in-Christ, M, graduated from UNC with her doctorate. Go Dr. M!!

I didn't take pics of the books I'm reading, because that's kind of ehhh, but another good sister-friend gave me some books to read by Kim Cash Tate -- Heavenly Places, Faithful, and Cherished. [Can't. Put. Them. Down!]

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