Friday, September 7, 2012

Fitness Update: 10 pounds gone in 2 weeks!

How did I get so fat?!

Let me just start by saying this -- I had every intention of deleting this picture from my phone and never letting it see the light of day, much less the Internet (read: the whole world). But in the spirit of transparency, here it is. Oh boy...

That's me at Wrightsville Beach, NC, in July 2012, just a couple months ago. Obviously I'm having a good time. What kind of person would I be if I let a little extra wiggle around the middle keep me from having fun?!  But at the same time, I knew I needed to lose some weight. It's funny how if you go awhile without taking a picture, when you finally see yourself head-to-toe, it's like, "Ohhhh, so that's what I really look like."  Hey, the camera isn't lying.

But fear not! I had a plan... sort of. Eat right and exercise!  Duh, everybody knows that. I've done it before and it works... well, it works if I do them simultaneously and consistently. You see, when this picture was taken, we were running 2.5 miles regularly (2-3 times weekly).  But I was also downing a big cup of Blue Bell's Banana Pudding ice cream every night on the couch. That stuff is

Here's my issue: back on beach day, I didn't have a COMMITMENT to a plan because I didn't really even have a plan. So what did Charles and I do immediately after exercising on walking the beach, sand in our shoes and all? We hit up a seafood restaurant near Landfall and ate decadently. This is my point: after years of pretty much eating anything I wanted, whenever I wanted it, I was paying for it in the worst way. I got fat.

Fast forward to early August. I'm gonna be in this wedding, and I we never did measurements for our bridesmaids dresses (it's long story) so when I tried on the dress, I couldn't even zip it up. *Gasp*

NOOoo! Can you say "mortified?" 

Enter the Robert Brace 28-Day Challenge. Chescaleigh did it and had fabulous results!

Her posture improved and she is CUT!  But, as you see from the before shot, she was already fairly slender. We're about the same height, but she started at 141 lbs, ended at 141 lbs, and went from a size 12 to a size 4. Important note: getting fit doesn't always mean losing weight.

However, I know I was at my fittest when I was around 175-180 pounds -- strong, muscular, lean. I topped out at 220 lbs earlier this year and have worn a size 14/16 for several years now. My clothing size doesn't change much with my weight - thank you, Lord. Obviously, Francesca and I are built differently, and that's cool. I've always been bigger in stature than most girls and women, even at my fittest, and I'm thankful to God for giving me this frame. It's just that I loaded way too much onto this frame.

So far, I just finished two weeks of the RB28D program, and I've already lost 10 pounds. I'm down under 210 for the first time in years! YAY, GOD! I probably would have lost even more weight if I hadn't tried a tiny sliver of Christine's lemon pie on Labor Day, but hey -- Rome wasn't built in a day. And I'm sure the Romans paused for lemon pie breaks every now and again. But this is the only sweet I've eaten, and I don't plan to make that indulgence again anytime soon.

I'm going to wait at least until the wedding, which is in October, before doing any "big reveal" before-and-after shots, but I am definitely seeing a change in my body.   I'm eating differently -- no bread, pasta, rice, sweets, pork or beef, and more green veggies and lean meats. This coupled with 4x weekly workouts is leading to a much stronger and leaner body. I'm FINALLY on the right track.

I'm also finding myself kind of addicted to the workouts, so on our off days I'm antsy to get out of the house and walk, run, throw a frisbee -- something, anything to keep moving. The program is challenging, but I have such a feeling of accomplishment when I finish it in the morning. And although I won't touch on it in this post, it's also improving my will to commit to other things which are important to me.

Have you ever tried a plan like this? If so, how did it work for you?  And if you have any fitness goals to share, no matter how big or small they might seem, please feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to partner in prayer with you about making some real commitments and seeing your plans through to the finish.

Much love,


Ciaa said...

OMG 10 pounds in 2 weeks , I hope to get my motivation back soon.......

leandra said...

I've never done a formal challenge before. A few years ago, I challenged myself to do 19 days straight of one hour of cardio a day while watching what I ate and lost 5 pounds of fat in a month. It was amazing.

Having said that, that was many years ago and I have since done what you'd been doing: whatever I wanted. And now I really want to lose 20 pounds yesterday. :)

I would love a prayer partner because I've been giving serious consideration to another phase of intense workout + determination. I want my fit body back.

Shoni Freeman said...

@CIAA, you can do it! I did this in large part to fit into a bridesmaid dress, but now that the ball is rolling I'm thinking, "Why should I stop there?!" @leandra, I will be in agreement in prayer with you about focus, determination, and being excellent stewards over everything God gave us, including our bodies. You can do this!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing the 28 day challenge right now! I'm on day 2, I really enjoy the workouts so far! I really hope see a change in my body on day 28. I'm working out 5 days a week and following the diet and nutrition plan provided. So I'm praying this works! Thank you for your post!