Sunday, March 18, 2012


My best products live in two locations:  side-of-tub and top-of-bathroom vanity. After just two washes, Sunny Isle's shampoo scored some side-of-tub real estate.  I washed and conditioned my hair last night for the second time using SI, mixing the deep conditioner with MOP Mixed Greens to see if that would provide more slip than the first time. It helped a little. 

Then I twisted my hair using SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, set it on satin-covered sponge rollers (you can find it at Walmart), wrapped it up in a satin scarf and called it a night. This morning I spritzed with a little light oil and combed my fingers through it gently. This was the result -- bouncy bumped twists, which should last at least a few days. Then I can undo the twists to wear a stretched fluffy fro for a few more days. Hubby likes it :-)

Allergies = sleepy-looking photo

I might give up shower detangling altogether and just save it for the styling process. When following my normal routine, I do twists to stretch my hair using slippery products -- typically SheaMoisture something, Curls by Sisters Smith Wet Set Hair Pudding (which I love), straight shea butter or some kind of pomade/grease. And with my new brush, detangling while styling damp hair is an absolute breeze. By the way, the Goody Denman knock-off brush I bought a few months back ended up being way too stiff for me. I prefer this one over the regular Denman. Very little hair ends up in my brush at the end of my twisting session:

It's on a website for horses, but works great on kinky-curly hair
Note: I re-found this brush via this video by MyNaturalSistas... and then found the same brush under a different name for less (including S&H) simply by reading the comments under the video. My college roommate used to have one and it was so good on my relaxed hair. I'm glad to see it works just as well on my fro.

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