Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm a poser.

Coming clean: I am a wanna-be design nerd. 

My mom is to blame. She's 5'5" and somehow manages to move huge pieces of furniture like it's nothing.  She also paints rooms, pulls up carpet and changes color schemes like a straight-up pro, yall. I think sometimes it drives Dad nutso, but he's gotten used to it. And now I do the same thing at our house and drive Charles nutso. He'll get used to it, too. heh-heh-heeeeeeeeh

So I'm checking out one of my fave design blogs -- D*S -- and what doth mine eyes behold?  A ceramics company based in NC. Enter Haand.  My grammar is really bad on this post. Oh well.  Whenever I come across something based from one of my home states (TX, NC), my interest is piqued, and there are lots of ceramics in NC. So why am I posting? Check out this description of their studio -- my friend, is this not the coolest place to throw some clay?!  I want to go-ooooooo (in my best 6-yr-old whiny voice).

Who would not want an ice cream bowl? It's made for easier scooping as the ice cream melts. Clever, Haands. Very clever.

Source: via Shoni on Pinterest

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