Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sound off! Your thoughts re: blog/vlog comments

So this question rolls through my mind every now and again, and I want to put it out there to anyone who's reading:

If you're a blog/YT channel content producer, what's your personal "policy" on comments? As a subscriber, does your opinion change about a blogger/vlogger based on whether they respond to comments (or is it really a non-issue)? 

To be fair, I'll chime in first. Lately, I'm a little bit put off by bloggers/vloggers who don't interact in any way with the little people (yeah, that's me, and you, and ery-body).

Mmmmm hm. That's right.

Personally, for this blog and for my YT channel, I appreciate it when folks take the time to give me feedback -- not flaming and griping (because, honestly, who wants that!), but useful feedback, or encouragement, or sharing and building upon ideas, etc.

I read somewhere (that's so vague) writers should make it their business to respond to every comment.  But I also wonder how someone with 10,000 subscribers might ever be able to do it.  It kind of helps if they put something on their site saying, "I love your comments, but I might not be able to respond to them all because I have a husband, I work 60 hours a week, plus I've got five kids and a 3-legged dog, but I just love, love, love ya'll!" You know... something like that.

But when I write comments, ask questions about the topic, check the little box that says "subscribe to follow-up comments," and I do this for years (yes, literally years) and they NEVER write back, well honestly... I start to second-guess my subscription. Because this thing is not just for us to showcase ourselves and live in a vacuum. There's a whole world of people out there, some of whom want to hear something in response. They want to know SOMEBODY CARES. *stepping down off my soapbox, pickin' up my box, and headin' on back to the house*

That's my take on it. What say you?


Ciaa said...

OMG did you say you have 5 kids and a dog. I have 2 and i am always tired. I love it when bloggers do respond and interact with readers because it shows that you care about the people that take time to read your blog among millions.

Shoni Freeman said...

lol, i don't, i was just using it as an example. ;-) i really appreciate it too. Thanks for reading and commenting.