Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random thoughts

I look sleepy in the pic on my blog header. Why didn't anyone (um, hello... husband!) tell me?

Check out Alisa Burke's post on sketching supplies and process, which is perfect for artist newbies or people like me who want to get back into sketching.

Feeding ducks at Shelley Lake is fun, but I feel bad because I can't feed them all. And what about the poor turtles? The geese just step on their heads. Maybe if I had a bread bazooka, I could blast a loaf to all of them at once... but then they would probably fly away. #overanalyzing

Steamed red cabbage with olive oil, salt and pepper is so good!  Yes, all by itself, no meat. That's what I had for lunch today. Plus a bowl of fresh cherries.

Mama Natural posted my profile on her blog. Yay! She's so gorgeous, and her YT channel is on my list of faves. I luuuv to show love for other smaller-scale bloggers. *virtual hugs*

For now, that is all. Have a blessed and productive day.


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