Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Head Scarves Tutorial Video

Everyone who knows me well knows I love scarves.  I'm simply a huge fan of colorful swaths of fabric swimming around my face -- big, small, sheer, heavy, stretchy, satiny, geometric, vintage, anything goes.

I probably own about 40-50 right now (I cut back, gave some old ones to Goodwill). When my husband travels on business and wants to bring something back for me, he knows scarves will be a surefire hit. I regularly check out the scarf selection at different stores -- TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross, Target, H+M, thrift and consignment shops, etc.

Scarves can be found at varying price points, and their versatility improves the CPW (cost-per-wear). You can fold them around your neck, roll them up to create a fabric necklace, layer over your lap for modesty at church, or sash around your waist. You can wrap it around your shoulders when it's chilly at work. They're so practical.

I also often wear scarves in my hair, and not just on bad hair days.

I hope you enjoy, and if you have ways of tying scarves that I didn't include, please share with me!


Lucija said...

Love this, especially the head piece!



Yammies said...

Wow. Really great ideas Shones!!!! I always always do the twisted handband with all of my scarves....but when you got to the end (and in the middle with Chuckie HAHAHAHAHA....that was too funny) and MIXEd the two....now that's cool. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

Shones said...

Thank you, Lucija!

Shones said...

Yammies, thank you, sis! :) I think that moment marked Charles's retirement from scarf modeling.