Thursday, August 25, 2011

Video-Of-The-Day: The BIBLE Song by TDG and SaulPaul

Dude! (Read: Shones is excited) Anyone remember The State Song, the little ditty listing the 50 states? I learned it in grade school and still remember it. Anyway, check out this similar incredibly catchy and very useful song about the books of the Bible.

Thanks to TDG and SaulPaul for putting this together.
Stay in Him!


Regina Gordon said...

Hey! This is TDG's wife. Thank you so much for sharing! You have an awesome blog, very interesting posts. I will definately keep checking it out! I have a blog on health and fitness if you would like to check it out Hope to keep in touch with you on FB and twitter
God Bless :)

Shones said...

Regina, thanks for reading and commenting, and congrats on your new blog! I am now following you on Twitter (ShoniFree). God bless you as well, sis :-)