Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Eureka Moment: Length is Subjective!

Sometimes what should be obvious to me just isn't. Today after watching a Glamazini vid on YouTube, I realized hair length -- when not described in common units of measurement -- is subjective. Woo-hoo! I get a gold star and now I can have a cookie and go to recess.

You can watch the video below, but here's my takeaway from it: APL (armpit length), BSL (bra strap length), or any other similar type of hair measurement depends on the dimensions of the person. In other words, someone with a long neck (like Tyra) or a long head (like me!) might have x-inches of hair, but it won't hit in the same place as a more petite woman... or woman with a smaller head.

Here's her latest video, "How Long Is Your Hair?"...

BTW, Glamazini is a married Christian based in St. Louis, one of my fave hair vloggers, and a praise and worship dancer... Go 'head, warrior woman. Yay, God! Like Glamazini, I do not regularly measure my hair. I mentioned earlier this week how huge my fro is getting, but I've yet to take a ruler to it. I like her method of stretching it using your arms for sort of an unofficial idea of hair length. Perhaps I'll start doing this.

Random thought: Do I even own a ruler?


glamazini said...

Hey, that's meeeeeee :D

Shones said...

Hey there! Thanks for reading, Roshni :) it means a lot to me that you checked me out -- very cool. *doing the wop*