Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Boxes at My Door: Product Splurge!

The shipping industry must be booming during this season. I've seen the UPS truck in my 'hood every day, multiple times per day, for the past two weeks. I must admit, sometimes I peek through my mini-blinds like a little kid wondering, "Is he going to stop at my house this time? Oh, please sir, stop at my house!"

I received and purchased more hair stuff this month than I did over the past six months. Here's a rundown:

Oyin Handmade - I've been stalking this site for years, but never got around to buying until my sister gave me a gift certificate a few months ago. I purchased Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade (to compare to petrolatum-based grease), Whipped Pudding (to compare to shea butter and SheaMoisture DTM) and Greg Juice, aka Juices and Berries (because I needed a moisture spritz or hair milk type of product for dry days).

Curlformers - I won my first bid on eBay, which was exhilarating, and got a starter set of extra long and wide Curlfomers for about $50 including S&H. At Sally or online, the same set is about $70 right now not including shipping, so I think I fared well. I'm really excited about trying them as a method of stretching my hair without heat.

Terressentials - I purchased the Lemon Coast Pure Earth Hair Wash. This is a mud shampoo with the purifying benefits characteristics of clay and none of the drying sulfates found in common shampoos. I'm not sure how this product differs from bentonite clay, but I enjoy the effect bentonite clay has on my skin. So far after three washes, I'm really feeling the Lemon Coast. My hair is so soft, light and supple, I haven't even used conditioners. There are several reviews on Terressentials for natural afro hair on YouTube. Check out Naptural85's channel for a good one.

Nubian Heritage - I bought lotion rather than hair product, but I want to plug it anyway. I found Nubian Heritage while walking through Brooklyn with a girlfriend. I think all of their physical stores are now closed, but they sell at Wegman's, select Whole Foods, EarthFare, etc. Some of their scents (or maybe just certain bottles?) are being discontinued, so I was able to pick up a few things at about 30-percent less than the normal price. Their Harlem store was so gorgeous, it's a shame to hear they closed it, but I'm glad they're still in selling through distributor channels.

I've got raw video reviewing some of these items in greater detail, but the video editing takes a backseat to some higher-priority spiritual and personal projects right now. I'll put the video(s) in a separate post, hopefully by this weekend.

Thanks for reading. :-) 

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