Thursday, December 15, 2011

The One Resolution to Make in 2012

I read this short and sweet article by Dayna Steele on Fast Company this morning about the one resolution we should all make. In it, Dayna writes:

"Do this one thing and you’ll be good to go for the year: Do what you say you are going to do, otherwise known as accountability... Every goal begins with your own accountability, whether it is business success, losing weight, developing your personal brand--whatever your goals may be this coming year."

I'm at this point in my life where I'm being challenged on every side, or so it seems, to raise the standard for myself... and despite how uncomfortable this makes me feel -- kind of like teetering on six-inch stilettos after walking in flip-flops for years -- these challenges are very good for me. When you hold yourself accountable, you keep your word and build a legacy of integrity, one which precedes you and helps define you. It's an aspect of maturity which should be modeled and can be learned, even by a thirty-something-or-other.

Our church lost a dear sister and fellow laborer earlier this year. She was the first person I ever really knew who passed away, and I still miss her dearly, but one of the things which stands out to me about her life was her high level of accountability. She met the mark time and time again, even when she was very sick. She showed up on time. She completed documents on deadline. She did her job and school and took her kids where they needed to go. She kept her promises -- even when no one would have faulted her for taking a "pass." She was, as she liked to say, "a professional" at whatever she did. Not perfect, but professional, dedicated, committed to seeing things through to the end.

So when I find myself procrastinating yet again on finishing a project (including blogging on a regular basis), I recognize a fault in myself. I'm not okay with this. When I connect with a friend and we say we're going to get together for lunch or over the phone, we need to set the date. God gave us the gifts and a certain yet unknown amount of time, and we should use them according to His plan and live at 100%. Because truly, anything less is just not enough.

In what ways do you know you need to be more accountable? The great thing about a resolution like this is we can start today. For me, as it applies to this blog, I have a goal to post at least twice a week plus weekly posts on my YT channel, Shonesters. Now this may not sound like much, but with everything else going on in my life, I want to be realistic. If I accomplish more, ta-daaah! Icing on the cake.

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