Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 28: Somewhere You'd Like to Move to or Visit

30-Day Blog Challenge

My love of travel came from Mom and Dad. Every summer, we packed into some big vehicle -- Van, RV, Suburban -- and road tripped.  We drove from Texas to most of the East Coast, and covered a good portion of the California and Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico), California, and Colorado.  My dear father still likes to recount the story of a road trip we took to Alabama. I must have been two or three. The way he tells it (and he tells it so well), we stopped somewhere so he could nap in the back of the van. He woke up to me pulling his eyelid open.  ;)


Stateside, I would love to visit the the Northwest (Washington, Oregon) and the Grand Canyon.  I've flown over the Canyon a couple of times, and from the air you can see just how deep and broad it is.  I would like to see it from the ground (and hear the echo!).  My international list is a mile long -- Switzerland, Holland, Brazil, Liberia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Obviously, we are going to need a big travel fund.

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