Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tobago Trip: Last one, I promise.

View from the back of the TnT Express Ferry

Fun ferry ride to Trinidad

Views of Trinidad as we approached Port-of-Spain

The pics above show parts of our 2.5-hr ferry ride from Tobago to POS, Trinidad. Charles and I had wonderful conversation the entire ferry ride and it was so nice to be with him. We had a flight out of Trinidad the next morning at 6 AM.

After arriving in POS we hung out at the shopping mall near the airport to buy souvenirs and burn some hours.  It looked just like a typical American mall with food courts, boutiques and bookstores. We even took in a movie -- Transformers in 3D. Two 3D tickets, two large drinks, two candies and one large popcorn cost $21 USD!! This would have easily been $40-50 in the states.

This last video chronicles our trip home from Tobago, and it all takes place in Miami and on the plane. Don't tell American Airlines! I was not supposed to be running my camera during the Raleigh landing.  o__o

We had a five-hour layover before leaving for Raleigh, so we decided to hop on an express bus from the airport to South Beach. We were craving Cuban, so we popped into a restaurant called Havana 1957 before walking around for a while. This was certainly more fun than sitting under artificial lights playing Sudoku and eating airport food.

Hope you enjoyed the videos and thanks for bearing with me. The Tobago Trip videos are DONE.  It's over. I'm finished. Time to move on to other things... like adoption! We attended our first information session Tuesday, and we are excited beyond disappointment.

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