Monday, January 2, 2012

I hope you dance

Did you know this was *almost* the song for the first dance at our wedding?

I still love this song. WELL... it took me a full year to get back into it, but I'm about to start taking dance classes again. Back in 2010, I signed up for adult beginner ballet and modern at a local theatre. Some of the ladies from Worship-in-Warfare took the class as well, and we all just cracked up at ourselves while doing chasses as our teacher said "jump over the puddle!" No pink tutus, but we did have a recital at the end. All of our friends and family packed in along the edge of the studio room. Dag! Where did the video of that go?!

Anyway, I'm back in action starting this month. I'm thinking about doing modern again so I can roll on the floor, pop up and stand there, and it will look normal instead of looking like I fell. Which I have done before... yes, in public.

Yeah... I really like modern. 

Dance is a great way to lose weight without really trying, which is another thing I need to do this year. With only a few years left before my *GASP* 20-year high school reunion, I'd better start now. Found this great article online which will help me build my plan:

Yeah... next up, before and after pictures. But not tonight. Time for bed.

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