Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Top Three Places to Find Natural Hairstyles

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While contemplating my shorter-hair styling options due to my recent unexpected haircut, I ran a Google search today for pics of "short natural hairstyles." I got 843,000 pictures. Can we say, "Overkill?"

Although Google's image search engine will always occupy a special place in my geeky heart, sometimes the results from said searches can be a too broad, irrelevant or even quite risque. Depending on your search terms, you might see images of things that might be *ahem* inappropriate for public viewing. o_O

So in an effort to keep your hair searches as clean as possible, here are my top three places to go a-hunting for naturally curly hairstyle pics. I can't vouch for their future reliability, but as of the date of this posting these sites are stellar.

1) NaturallyCurly.com - A virtual chill spot for all things related to curly hair. From wavy hair to springy locs to the tightest kinks, NaturallyCurly.com has a picture index which shows styles by real women and men, as well as celebrities. You can even narrow the search by color, occasion, length and age.

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2) Pinterest.com - If you're not familiar with Pinterest yet, it's my pleasure to introduce you. Pinterest allows us to collect pics of things we find online -- kind of like a virtual bulletin board. Users group pics according to boards they create for themselves, resulting in your own personally-built search engine. This is a great way to save style ideas for future reference. You can check out my personal Pinterest "Natural Hair" board right here. Set up a free Pinterest account of your own, and you can start following my natural hair board as well as the hundreds of others out there in Pinterest-land.

Von - Jan 20, 2012 Natural Hair Style Icon
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3) BlackGirlLongHair's Natural Hair Style Icons - Over the years, BGLH has amassed a wonderfully diverse collection of interviews with real women from around the planet. There's bound to be a style for you in the midst of all these interviews, and most of the featured naturals include at least 10 pics of themselves rocking a smorgasbord of styles.

Are there any sites you go to specifically for style inspiration?  (To the tune of the old 80's Arrid XX-Dry antiperspirant commercials) Make a little comment... don't be shy!

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