Friday, January 27, 2012

I just discovered "The Art of Manliness"

Me and My Manly Husband Man ;-)

I'm a decidedly feminine woman and I love and greatly appreciate the masculinity in men. I think this love for manliness came from observing my father who is, as people say, "a man's man." He taught me how to bait a fishing hook with live earthworms when I was six (and I was not squeamish about it at all).He's into sports, hunting, tractors, cars, choppin' down trees, facial hair, killing spiders -- you know, all that kind of rough-around-the-edges, get-your-hands-grimy strong man stuff.  One hot summer day in our front yard in Texas, he set a tarantula (yes, there are tarantulas in Texas) on fire after dousing it with gasoline. The flames were four feet high! People were stopping along to road to watch. That was a memorable day, to say the least.

At the doctor's office, I like perusing men's interest magazines almost as much as any other read. I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to "Man-Style." And now I can add The Art of Manliness | Men’s Interests and Lifestyle to my reading list. This is a great site for the manly man in your life, with articles like "How to Fold a Pocket Square" (which would have been useful for the formal we attended last weekend), "How to Make a Citizens Arrest" and "A Resolution for Romance: The 52 Love Letter Challenge." If your man's not the type to read blogs or do a lot of online reading, that's okay. You can read up and share bits and pieces, slip some ideas here and there in casual conversation, or just read it yourself.


Miss Charming said...

Another Texas girl! (I think I would like to see how to make a citizen's arrest.)

Shones said...

@ Miss Charming, so sorry for the delayed response. I so adore Texas, so thanks for stopping in to say hey! Wouldn't it be cool to (successfully) make a citizen's arrest... I wonder if people actually do this?