Monday, January 2, 2012

The Natural Hair Husband Pop Quiz

So I've wondered how much natural hair knowledge and jargon my husband has picked up over the years. Just for fun, I created a "natural hair pop quiz" for him, and he graciously participated. There were a few things he didn't know, but he surprised me with some relatively accurate answers!

Thanks for helping me with this, babe!  For answers to the questions on the video, look below the embedded video.

What are cones? Also known as silicones, these are ingredients found in hair care products (particular in conditioners and styling aids) which are not water-soluble. They require a shampoo (typically one with sulfates) in order to prevent build-up.

What is baggying? After moisturizing/conditioning your hair at night, you cover your hair with a plastic shower cap or plastic bag to retain moisture overnight. I've also baggied with olive oil the night before as a pre-shampoo treatment for softer hair.

What does co-wash mean? In a nutshell, washing your hair with conditioner rather than shampoo. It's said to have the same cleansing effect without the dryness of shampoo.

Why do naturals use henna? The reasons vary, but I use it as a protein treatment for strengthening hair as well as for coloring the hair, resulting in a natural looking reddish-brown which is not much different from my natural hair color.

What is plopping? Plopping is utilizing an old lint-free t-shirt to capture the wetness from the hair after a wash. Plopping dramatically cuts down the drying time on natural hair and does not disturb the curl pattern as much as a standard towel.

What does no-poo mean? This is a regimen involving no shampoo (which usually means the person is strictly co-washing).

What is pineappling? To preserve curls overnight (e.g. a twist-out), pile the hair into a high loose ponytail on top of your head and then sleep on a satin pillowcase.

What is traction alopecia? Gradual hair loss, particularly at the hairline, caused by too much tension on the hair, such as extremely tight braids or pulled back styles.

How do naturals stretch their hair without heat? While it may not result in super-straight hair, stretching is a way of lengthening your hair by "stretching" the curl pattern gradually. This can be done by banding the hair (e.g. using Goody Ouchless bands), or through twists, Curlformer sets, roller sets, Ghana plaits, braids, or twist-and-curls (roller set on twisted hair).

What does it mean when someone says they're about to big chop? Cutting off all your chemically-treated hair. For some, this indicates any dramatic chop, including eliminating locs, or even your natural loose hair, in one fell swoop.

What is TWA? This is the acronym for teeny-weeny afro. It was also a major airline which went bankrupt in the 90's.

What does it mean to dust the hair? Basically, it means trimming about a quarter-inch from your hair -- so little that as it falls it's just a "dusting."

What is 2nd day hair? A style preserved to the 2nd day. You don't have to do much to your hair before walking out of the house. Some are even able to preserve a style to the 3rd day and beyond!

How do you seal the hair? On moist or damp hair with conditioner or a leave-in moisturizer, apply oil, shea butter, grease or a similar product to seal in the moisture.

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