Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 8: What You Ate Today

30-Day Blog Challenge

Late last night, our church ended our annual corporate 50-Day Pentecost Fast, which I talked about briefly on my other blog.  It was most certainly a sacrifice to avoid meat and wheat.  I just never knew wheat was in so many food products.  The sacrifice offering was worth it to draw closer to God, to become more like Christ in my daily walk, and to grow in spiritual maturity.  I learned so much during this fast, but there were two takeaways which stood out specifically for me:

  • Learn to love genuinely and fully.  A genteel southern upbringing will teach you how to be nice to people in just about every situation, but that's not the same thing as love.  
  • Think about the way I think.  For many years, I've been able to act a certain way around people, but in my heart and mind I might have been thinking something else and not saying things that needed to be said.  Certain thoughts absolutely have no right to rent space in my head, and those thoughts must be evicted, by the power of the Holy Spirit.  If I'm going to think it (stew in it, dwell on it) for more than 30 seconds, I need to tell that person.  I actually had the opportunity to put this into practice recently, and doing so blessed me.  It wasn't as hard as I expected, and it even improved my relationship with those people.
And now, what I ate today:
- A KIND bar - because I didn't feel like making breakfast.  These are so good (and filling).  You can find them at Trader Joe's, Earthfare, and sometimes TJMaxx and Marshall's at the check out.
- Pineapple Fried Rice w/chicken, onion, egg, and sweet peas, from one of our favorite Thai restaurants.

- Small cup of Breyer's Oreo Ice Cream.

Pretty pathetic, huh :)  I guess I wasn't very hungry yesterday.

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